5 pieces. Medium sized. Pressure sensitive clips that I use on my toppers. Many have been asking me to post these for purchase on my site. They of course have them cheaper on eBay or amazon, but they are not all made equal (even if they look equal!). If you can find them yourself then great! (I buy them in the 1,000’s so I don’t have any links to buy just a few). These are great pressure sensitive clips, if you need to ever replace any, add more, or change some on a different topper or wig. I wish I could charge less, but the swipe fee and shipping cost (and convenience of doing this) need to be worth something. I unfortunately don’t have a first class shipping method for international, so if you are buying internationally, best to buy them when buying a topper or wig so I can ship them together!

Shipping in the US is shipped via first class mail. Please allow 5-7 business days for it to arrive.

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