PONY TOPPER (first release)




Brand new design to Highline Wigs!


This unique design features the same style wefted cap (except no silk top), comb in front and 5 clips all around that many of you know and love (of course can swap out the comb for clips in the front or velcro as some of you do on your own!)


This style is great for the summer. Pulling your hair back into a braid, top knot, pony tail, or just wearing it down with your hair flipped over has never been easier. Perfect for hot days to get that hair off your neck, for the beach, pool, (dunking underwater isnt suggested!) gardening, planting, or for those who just live in very warm climates!


Disclaimer: This piece is great for those who have a stronger front. Using some powder, loreal root spray, or fibers to fill in the front of your hairline can definitely help with the blend. I also like to suggest if you dont want to fill in your hairline, then use some dry shampoo or hairspray where the comb goes in to give your hair some grip to make it plug in very well (can also spray where the clips go for better grip).


*If you dont have a strong front, you can still wear these with a wide headband to cover the front! 


You cannot cut bangs into this piece as it was constructed in a way that the hair will only go in a backwards direction. Definitely look into my very lightweight mini bang topper thats coming soon if you need that front coverage! Both are terrific options for the summer!


6x7 20". Air dries straight. These slight waves were put into it by leaving it in a braid for 2-3 hours.


They are around 115% density overall, but can be thinned out depending on your needs.


They can be colored darker to match your hair if needed. I don't usually like to suggest lightening these pieces unless it is the natural darker colors.


If this is a loved collection, i plan to have this regularly in my shop, with more colors, lengths, and wavy textures!


This release has 8 colors and are as follows:


Lighter Elaine/Sunkissed-A lightest brown with dimensional caramel blonde highlights throughout. Base is a color 8. I made both a lighter elaine and sunkissed, but in this style topper they came out identical looking. (usually the sunkissed has a longer root on my regular silk tops)


Light Lexie-A light brown base with caramel blonde highlights. Base is a color 7. Very similar to the lighter elaine but has a smidge longer root.


Light Dimensional Blonde- a light blonde with subtle dimensional highlights. Light brown #7 root.


Natural Dark- This color is a natural dark color, between a darkest brown and a soft black. Varies slightly from piece to piece due to its natural state. This can be lightened with a balayage like how i am wearing it in my photos. My next release will include some of these.


Dimensional Blonde- Similar to the light dimensional blonde, but this one has a bit of a darker and ashier lowlight blended throughout. Also a #7 base.


Lexie 4/5 Root- a medium brown base with caramel dimensional highlights blended throughout.


Light Hana- a medium blonde that leans slightly warmer. Has subtle dimensional highlights and a #8 root.


Lexie 4 root with darker root added- This is the same as the lexie 4/5 root except we added a smidge of a darker and ashy root, around a level 2/3.


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